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Really fun game ! I had fun playing it, editing it and even making the thumbnail !

thank you for making it !
here's my gameplay btw :)

Okay, I finally came back and played the whole game this time (for the most part) =)!

Great game and super creepy atmosphere! 

Thanks for playing!


SKIP TO 4:40

Clever game!

You have to type with your keyboard. Thanks for playing!

I made another video to redeem myself haha.

Watch Playing brand-new games from Weekly Game Jam 84 | !submit !queue !faq from MrJoshuaMcLean on

Credits are inside of the game! Thanks for playing my first game ever!


Nicely done :)) Not a horror game but its good!


Thank you! You should try the other paths as well. The one you chose is not that horror, actually it is the easiest out of all.

Oh no my bad ;D